Security is required for all events. Mazanec Ranch furnishes security at a rate of $40.00 hr., min of 4 hrs.

  • 1 officer (1 - 150 guest) $40.00 hr/guard
  • 2 officers (150 - 300 guest) $40.00 hr/guard

Security must be in place 30 minutes prior to the event, and must remain on the property until all guest are off the property.

SECURITY MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. This includes clean up time as well.


Alcohol is permitted, however no kegs are allowed inside the cabin facility.

Mazanec Ranch furnishes a TABC bartender at a rate of $40,00 hr., min of 4 hrs. The bartender must serve all alcohol. Guest cannot bring alcohol onto the property.

If hard alcohol is going to be served, two (2) TABC bartenders will be required.

If alcohol is served, it is the sole responsibility of the lessee to adhere to federal state, and local laws in regards to alcohol, as well as to provide transportation for any intoxicated guests. No guest can leave with an open container.